No. 2 Stylus Pencil - The Touch Screen Device Standard

The Artist | Design and Concept ART FOR SALE | 713 days ago

Well – something was bound to happen, when you work that much as a UI/UX guru –
Enjoy a charming harmony of a past and future.

1974 Garelli - Eureka Flex - Custom Woody

The Artist | Moto Madness ART FOR SALE | 752 days ago

This little Italian was a dream to work on – a rust bucket that still makes me change filters weekly – every nut and bolt was Evapo-rust soaked and then brought back to life. She’s real pretty – and has my Heart. Custom Paint/Wood work as well as tail light fabrication give it that — ooooo – is that vino in that box – because i’m happy to see you.
Sorry it’s not – it’s mango gelato :)


You Want to See What It Looked Like Before ; EWW


General Motors - DC Touch Screen Large Format TV UI/UX

The Artist | UX DESIGNS & EXPERIENCE | 803 days ago

With technology invading all aspects of life – the Chevy Dealerships in the Northern Va Area – wanted to introduce a selling tool available to potential customers within the dealer experience. The solution – huge touch screen kiosk which allowed you to build your own vehicle.

Tablet UI/UX : Caseworker Onsite Usability Design

The Artist | UX DESIGNS & EXPERIENCE | 803 days ago

Introduced as a non-Apple IOS – the final decision to pursue a Silverlight production was valid enough. The hardware supplied to the client would be PC based.

Highlights: Florescent colors on Black – to help government staff members navigate through case studies and documentations.

Antenna Monitoring Product UI/UX EXPERIENCE

The Artist | UX DESIGNS & EXPERIENCE | 804 days ago

Antenna Span UI/UX EXPERIENCE - Tab/hover/click and Select

The Artist | UX DESIGNS & EXPERIENCE | 804 days ago

Antenna Span UI/UX EXPERIENCE – what is that you say? i was asked to solve this problem: We need to select different antenna’s at different alarm states with a mobile tablet solution?

The real discover process happened when discovering the number of hover and hit states.

Interactive Map Design : Pop Up Boxes

The Artist | UX DESIGNS & EXPERIENCE | 804 days ago

Hotel Management & Service: UI - UX

The Artist | UX DESIGNS & EXPERIENCE | 804 days ago

We all love being on vacation – so it is only realistic that Big Change and Boutique Hotels offer a products for visiting guest. Customer Service is the key in this industry and a mobile product must delivery the same quality experience. The flowing are flow charts demonstrating an example of this case.

Mobile QR -Reader

The Artist | UX DESIGNS & EXPERIENCE | 804 days ago

A straight forward product – A QR reader for the entertainment business , specifically for movie posters and TV programing. This basic concept of instant information with in a swipe is now an industry standard. Developed for a dev shop out of District – the following are two examples of Ease of integration.


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