Oct. 2020 - Design Solution for
An AEM Solution / Built with Adobe

May 2018 - Pandemic
Redesign of Common Components - AEM -

For the past three years, I have managed and directed a talented group of designers, UX researchers, and copywriters for and A data-driven design approach with a focus on human-centered design has been instrumental in building a world-class team. By utilizing a customer-focused, empathetic approach supported by A/B testing and the Voice of the Customer, we were able to build value and generate stories that moved the needle and won awards. I am a dynamic, collaborative, data-driven design leader with a strong track record of producing and managing high-level UI/UX design, branding, and strategy teams that develop award-winning products and go-to-market solutions. My approach blends design thinking with practicality and an unwavering focus on business results. I am known for building supportive environments and driving design direction with a human-centric methodology. I am skilled in creating and executing stakeholder strategic goals to deliver multi-year, global product implementations aligned with customer-centric and strategic initiatives in both B2B and B2C environments. My passion lies in the art of making beautiful and amazing ideas connect with people.

The Following is the presentation that i created for the Digital All Hands Meeting to kick off the redesign of
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The final results: ...
Oct. 2020 -
The Last Logo - Partnership Sprint/T-mobile

This logo is being used in all legacy products where the relationship with the Sprint customer is valued, and therefore, co-branding exists. ...
May 2018 -
Dash the Digital Concierge

Through testing and iteration, we have gained a better understanding of the role and responsibilities of the Head of Household. However, a difficult question remains: what happens when a new device is released and all plan members have different activation times?
The Following are the wireframes presented to the team to after our first SPRINT - the video is a demo of the final product. ...